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39th Parliament, 2nd Session

Recorded Votes

Date Bill Subject Reading Voted
Dec. 12/07 C-251 Alcohol Warning Labels 2nd Reading
Oct. 24/07 C-287 Peacekeepers' Day Report Stage
Nov. 21/07 C-287 Peacekeepers' Day 3rd Reading
Nov. 21/07 C-303 E.C.E Standards Report Stage
Nov. 28/07 C-357 E.I. Premium Setting 2nd Reading
Nov. 28/07 C-378 Drug Export Restrictions 2nd Reading
Mar. 5/08 C-394 Sponsoring Relatives 2nd Reading
Dec. 12/07 C-411 Domestic Prices of Imports 2nd Reading
Nov. 28/07 C-426 Journalist Source Protection 2nd Reading
Feb. 13/08 C-474 Sustainable Development 2nd Reading
Mar. 5/08 C-484 Crimes vs Fetus 2nd Reading
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