May, 2008

This page contains stories that appeared on KTH's front page during the month of May, 2008. As these links are now old, some of them may not work.

  • Oda's Claim of Government Aid to Myanmar and China Far Less Substantial Than Originally Stated - CP via Yahoo 5/24
  • Judge Rumours Swirl, but Toews says He'll Run in Next Election - CP via Prince George Citizen 5/20
  • Canada 'Concerned' Over Russia-Georgia Tensions - AFP via Yahoo 5/12
  • Ottawa Axes Plan for Two Nuclear Reactors - The Montreal Gazette 5/17
  • Charles Caccia, Former MP for Davenport, Dead at 78 - CBC 5/5
  • Chinese-Made Canadian Olympic Gear Raises Ire of MPs - CTV 5/2
  • Tories Out-Fundraise Liberals 5:1 - CP via Fredericton Times and Transcript 5/1
  • Liberal senator Romeo Dallaire Vows to "Harass" PM on Behalf of Khadr - Toronto Star 5/1
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