June 2008

This page contains stories that appeared on KTH's front page during the month of June, 2008. As these links are now old, some of them may not work.

  • Harper Dubs Himself and the Conservatives 'True Nationalists' at Quebec Holiday - CP via Yahoo 6/24
  • Dion Rails Against Harper's Harsh Words on Liberals' Carbon Tax Plan - CP via Yahoo 6/21
  • Senators Approve Anti-Spanking Bill - CBC 6/19
  • Tories Use Shifty Words to Deride Liberals in Advance of Carbon-Tax Plan - CP via Yahoo 6/18
  • Couillard Affair Raises Questions About Free Travel by MPs, Partners - CP via Yahoo 6/15
  • Couillard Case's 2nd Resignation Raises Spectre of Government Infiltration, Liberals Say - CP via Yahoo 6/11
  • Proposed Copyright Reform Bill Appears to be in Limbo - CBC 6/4
  • MPs Approve Climate-Change Bill Calling for Kyoto-Style Emissions Cuts - CP via Yahoo 6/4
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