Ministry & Opposition Critics

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Title Conservative (Govt.) Liberal Critic Bloc Critic NDP Critic
P.M. of Canada / Party Leader Stephen Harper Stéphane Dion Gilles Duceppe Jack Layton
Leader of the House of Commons Peter Van Loan Ralph Goodale Pierre Paquette Libby Davies
Chief Government Whip Jay Hill Karen Redman Michel Guimond Yvon Godin

Department Minister Area of Responsibility Liberal Critic Bloc Critic NDP Critic
Agriculture and Agri-Food Gerry Ritz Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canadian Wheat Board, Rural Affairs Wayne Easter
(Canadian Wheat Board)
Charles Hubbard
(Rural Affairs)
André Bellavance Alex Atamanenko
(Canadian Wheat Board, Rural Affairs)
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Peter MacKay Opportunities Agency, Atlantic Canada Region Jean-Claude D'Amours n/a Yvon Godin
(Opportunities Agency)
Alexa McDonough
(Atlantic Canada Region)
Canadian Heritage Josée Verner Canadian Heritage, Cultural Industries, Heritage, Multiculturalism, Official Languages, Sports, Status of Women Denis Coderre
(Official Languages)
Colleen Beaumier
Hedy Fry
Maria Minna
(Status of Women)
Maria Mourani
Richard Nadeau
(Official Languages)
Luc Malo
Nicole Demers
(Status of Women)
Bill Siksay
(Cultural Industries, Heritage)
Wayne Marston
(Multiculturalism, Sports)
Yvon Godin
(Official Languages)
Irene Mathyssen
(Status of Women)
Citizenship and Immigration Diane Finley Citizenship and Immigration Maurizio Bevilacqua Thierry St-Cyr Olivia Chow
Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec Jean-Pierre Blackburn Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec Pablo Rodriguez Jean-Yves Roy Thomas Mulcair
Environment Canada John Baird Environment, National Parks, Water David McGuinty
Francis Scarpaleggia
Bernard Bigras Nathan Cullen
(Environment and National Parks )
Finance Canada Jim Flaherty Finance John McCallum Paul Crête Thomas Mulcair
Fisheries and Oceans Loyola Hearn Fisheries and Oceans Scott Simms Raynald Blais Peter Stoffer
Foreign Affairs Maxime Bernier
(resigned 5/26, interim Emerson)
Arctic Sovereignty, Asia-Pacific, Consular Services, Foreign Affairs, Francophonie, Latin America and Africa Bob Rae
Raymond Chan
Dan McTeague
(Consular Services)
Denis Coderre
Francine Lalonde
Diane Bourgeois
Vivian Barbot
Johanne Deschamps
(Latin America and Africa)
Paul Dewar
Dennis Bevington
(Arctic Sovereignty)
Alexa McDonough
(Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa)
Yvon Godin
Health Canada Tony Clement Health, Public Health Robert Thibault
Carolyn Bennett
(Public Health)
Christiane Gagnon Judy Wasylycia-Leis
Human Resources and Social Development Monte Solberg Employment Insurance, Housing, Public Housing, HR and Skills Development, HR and Social Development, Literacy, Pensions, Persons with Disabilities, Post Secondary Education, Poverty, Seniors, Social Development, Social Economy, Youth Michael Savage
(H.R. & Skills Development)
Carolyn Bennett
(Persons with Disabilities, Seniors, Social Economy)
Ruby Dhalla
(Social Development)
Christian Ouellet
(Public Housing)
Yves Lessard
(H.R. & Social Development)
Raymond Gravel
Thierry St-Cyr
Yvon Godin
(Employment Insurance)
Bill Siksay
Tony Martin
(H.R. and Social Development, Poverty)
Denise Savoie
(Literacy, Post Secondary Education)
Chris Charlton
(Pensions, Seniors)
Judy Wasylycia-Leis
(Persons with Disabilities)
Indian Affairs and Northern Development Chuck Strahl Aboriginal, Indian Affairs, Northern Development, Metis and Non-Status Indians, Northern Affairs Anita Neville
(Indian Affairs)
Larry Bagnell
(Northern Affairs)
Marc Lemay Jean Crowder
(Aboriginal Affairs, Indian Affairs)
Dennis Bevington
(Northern Affairs, Northern Development)
Industry Canada Jim Prentice Industry, Competitiveness and the New Economy, Consumer Affairs, Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario, Science and Technology, Small Business, Tourism Scott Brison
(Science and Technology)
Sukh Dhaliwal
(Competitiveness & New Economy)
Dan McTeague
(Consumer Affairs)
Ken Boshcoff
(Fed. Economic Development Initiative N. Ontario)
Mark Eyking
(Small Business, Tourism)
Paule Brunelle Peggy Nash
Tony Martin
(Development Initiative N. Ontario)
Intergovernmental Affairs Rona Ambrose Intergovernmental Affairs Gerard Kennedy
see Fun Facts
Meili Faille Jack Layton
International Cooperation Bev Oda CIDA, International Cooperation, International Development Keith Martin
(CIDA, International Development)
Caroline St-Hilaire
(International Cooperation)
Alexa McDonough
International Trade David Emerson International Trade Navdeep Bains Serge Cardin Peter Julian
Justice Canada Rob Nicholson Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues, Human Rights, Justice Dominic LeBlanc
Irwin Cotler
(Human Rights)
Réal Ménard Joe Comartin
Bill Siksay
(GLBT Issues)
Labour Jean-Pierre Blackburn Labour Judy Sgro Carole Lavallée Libby Davies
Leader of the Government in the House of Commons Peter Van Loan Democratic Reform, Electoral Reform, Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, Parliamentary Affairs Ralph Goodale
Brian Murphy
(Democratic Reform)
Pierre Paquette
(Democratic Reform)
Michel Guimond
(Parliamentary Affairs)
Libby Davies
Charlie Angus
(Democratic and Electoral Reform)
National Defence Peter MacKay National Defence, Peace Advocacy Bryon Wilfert Claude Bachand Dawn Black
Alexa McDonough
(Peace Advocacy)
National Revenue Gordon O'Connor National Revenue (Revenue Canada) Susan Kadis Robert Bouchard David Christopherson
Natural Resources Gary Lunn Natural Resources Omar Alghabra Claude DeBellefeuille Catherine Bell
Privy Council Office Rona Ambrose Privy Council n/a Vivian Barbot n/a
Public Safety Stockwell Day Canada Border Services, Public Safety Ujjal Dosanjh Serge Ménard Penny Priddy
Brian Masse
(Canada Border Services)
Public Works and Government Services Michael Fortier
see Fun Facts
Public Works and Government Services Mark Holland Diane Bourgeois Charlie Angus
Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Lawrence Cannon Transport, Cities and Communities, Infrastructure and Communities, Pacific Gateway, Toronto, Vancouver-Whistler Olympics (2010) Paul Zed
(Cities and Communities, Infrastructure)
Don Bell
(Pacific Gateway)
Joseph Volpe
Hedy Fry
(2010 Olympics)
Mario Laframboise David Christopherson
(Infrastructure and Communities)
Peter Julian
(Pacific Gateway, 2010 Olympics)
Peggy Nash
(Toronto Issues)
Brian Masse
Treasury Board of Canada Vic Toews Crown Corporations, Privacy and Ethics, Public Accounts Mario Silva Richard Nadeau
Carole Lavallée
(Privacy and Ethics)
Jean-Yves Laforest
(Public Accounts)
Charlie Angus
David Christopherson
(Crown Corporations, Public Accounts)
Pat Martin
(Privacy and Ethics)
Veterans Affairs Greg Thompson Veterans Affairs Albina Guarnieri Gilles-A. Perron Peter Stoffer
Western Economic Diversification Rona Ambrose Western Economic Diversification Raymond Simard n/a Catherine Bell
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