Fun Facts

Dani and Paul have learned the following Fun Facts while building and researching this site:

  • Every Member of Parliament is able to send a "householder" to every constituent in their riding four times a year. - Bill Casey homepage
  • When sending a written letter to an MP you don't need a stamp (postage is free), but Canada Post requests (but does not require) you to write 'MP' after the MP's name (eg. Hedy Fry, MP)
  • A province can not have more senators than MPs
  • More of an observation: postal codes generally seem to go alphabetically from east to west in Canada
  • Gerard Kennedy is listed as the Liberal Critic for Intergovernmental Affairs on the Parliament & Liberal sites BUT is not an MP!
    Check-out his Wikipedia entry!
  • Michael Fortier is listed as Minister of Public Works and Government Services but is not an MP!
    Check-out his Wikipedia entry!
  • The Office of the Information Commissioner - "… investigates complaints from people who believe they have been denied rights under the Access to Information Act" (Who knew such a place existed?!)
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