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bah! damn thing went through!
…not enough words to describe how upset i was to see all the empty liberal seats for this vote! I called my MP AND Dion

(Though i doubt it'll do any good. In my experience, neither of the two seem interested in what Canadians have to say anymore! It looks like they are trying to desperately cling on to their seats but what good does that do when they're on a sinking ship?!)

freakin gross!!! since when is this stuff ok? just because we know our govt is conservative, doesn't mean it excuses stuff like this…

Well… this sucks. I called my MP (Hedy Fry) and the Dishonourable David Emerson (who's now got Julie Couillard's sloppy seconds) and let the former know and the latter have it. You all should too. Please check out the link below to read about how our government, WITHOUT A VOTE OR EVEN DEBATE is enacting totalitarianistic law on its citizens (you and me) regarding personal electronic devices like iPods, cell phones, computers, blackberries, whatever.


CBC is reporting that Ian Brodie is resigning. He's Harper's chief mystic. Could this be (as was mentioned in the article) because of the NAFTA / Obama thing? Smells like it.

Ye gods, Mike Harris calling the federal shots. Run away!

No kidding the Liberals don't want an election. They know that nobody in their right mind would vote for somebody representing a party which practices apathy and abstinence in voting. Pick a Liberal at random and see how many votes they've missed. It's here on this site!

Man… the Liberals have really let down the country by not acting like an opposition party. Sad and pathetic are two words that come to mind.

C50 (or any bill after) IMHO will lead to an election being called. It seems to highlight the current govt "fast and loose" approach to legistlation. The liberals keep saying "canadians don't want an election!". Funny… i've been writing my LIBERAL mp since this fall asking for just the opposite! What the liberals can't seem to comprehend is that they DON'T SPEAK FOR CANADIANS ANYMORE.
That was made crystal clear in the last fed. election, but old habits die hard i guess…

C50 by edina_2edina_2, 22 May 2008 05:57

There was supposed to be an address to South Asian-Canadian media yesterday at the Guildford Sheridan hotel in Vancouver, where Diane Finley was to meet the media. The event was cancelled at the last minute, coincidentally at about the same time that Finley got wind of 50 protesters gathered to protest C-50. Instead, one-on-one interviews (private) were granted at various media outlets.

A reporter for Channel M asked Finley about it, and she said that she didn't know her own schedule, and that her own people handle that on a day-to-day basis. I wonder if her constituents know they voted for a team of spin doctors, and not for a person.

She then went on to say that hand-picking immigrants was illegal. One must wonder what the heck C-50 is supposed to accomplish.

No wonder Harper won't let his MPs talk, eh?

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